Guys, I know, I created this amazing blog and then left yall hanging. I’m so sorry. Here’s the deal—my brain ist kaput. Being a working mom is hard. I know, I know, preaching to the choir. But I’m usually great at being busy! So, why am I unable to balance these 5,671 things like I usually do? Who knows. Everyone else makes being a working parent look easy, or at least difficult in a comical way. If there’s one thing I’ve realized in the past three months, though, it’s that being busy is overrated. Don’t fall for it!

Going back to work has helped me prioritize my time, though. When I get home, after a pretty lengthy commute, I just want to cuddle and play with my baby until he goes to bed. At that point, I’m pretty pooped out, myself. I definitely do not make dinner every night. We usually graze or throw some turkey burgers on the stove. Then hubby and I watch The West Wing (or let’s be real—last night we watched SpongeBob… no shame), until I fall asleep. Which is at like 9:30. Sometimes I use my breast pump. But usually I pass out. Rereading this paragraph, maybe I’m not prioritizing my time as well as I thought lol. But at least I’ve let some things take the backburner, like doing my nails. Crazy, right?!

It’d be easy to list all the things that are hard… keeping up with the dishes and laundry, cooking meals, WRITING THIS BLOG, having a baby who comes home sick from daycare and gives said sickness to the whole house, etc. But I feel like I need to list some positives right now!

1.     My child is alive.

2.     My dog is alive.

3.     The flowers my mom planted three months ago are still alive.

4.     I actually managed to do all of the laundry in a timely manner last week.

5.     I just made muffins!

*I added this one afterward… 6. I still have a job, and I like my job.

I think this is all my brain can manage right now, but I’ll write again soon! I swear it won’t take me three months again.

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