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Applying for Jobs After Having a Baby

Applying for Jobs After Having a Baby

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Applying for Jobs After Having a Baby

If you’re looking for some good advice on this topic, I have none. This blog entry is merely me freaking out a little bit.

I finished my Master of Social Work degree this past May, four and a half months before giving birth to my wittle Jackiepoo. I didn’t bother looking for a job because A- we moved two weeks later, and B- I was five months pregnant and figured I could chillax for a bit, at least until he was three months old. By then, I’d have my bearings as a mom and be ready to put him in daycare so I could finally work to pay off that pricey (but worth it!) degree.

Three months with Jack came and went. I felt, in no way, ready to go to work. I’ve never wanted to be a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), but boyyy do I totally get it now. I so admire women who go back to work shortly after having their babies. The thought makes me want to cry a river. I had put Jack on the base daycare waiting list before he was born, indicating that I would need care when he was three months old. Well, the waiting list is ridiculously long, and even though I put Jack on it ages ago, the online status predicted they could get him in when he was six months old.

All right, that sounded doable. Six months. So, that was the plan—until last week, when I received an email stating there was a spot available for him NOW. Ummmm what? Exsqueeze me? I thought I had another two months! I haven’t built up my frozen milk stash yet! Plus, I’m not done cuddling with my baby all day! They gave me two days to accept or decline the offer. Though I keep my eye out for potential jobs, I obviously hadn’t been applying. As I always do when I freak out, I called my mom. Without skipping a beat, she said I should decline it. Put him back on the waiting list (indicating that we’ll need care in another month or two), start applying for jobs, see what I get, and if I somehow find a job before another spot opens up at daycare, she would come from Colorado to Oklahoma to watch him. My mom is a saint.

Two days ago, I started applying for jobs. Living in a tiny town has its pros and cons. One pro is that there isn’t too much job competition in my field. One con is that there aren’t many job openings to begin with. I found TWO in my field for which I actually qualify. And I’m hoping they pay enough to actually make it worth putting my kid in daycare 🙂 If neither work out, I’ll just have to keep looking and applying. Man, adulting sucks. #millennialproblems

I will say… submitting applications has given me a small sense of relief. Sometimes anticipation is the worst part.

Have yall ever had to go back to work after having a baby? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments!