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I Tried to Make My Blog Fit a Mold. And I Failed.

Published / by millennialcake / 5 Comments on I Tried to Make My Blog Fit a Mold. And I Failed.

Look at me writing another post! I’m on a roll. When I started writing this blog, I read a *TON* about blogging. All the tips and tricks and how to boost your SEO and gain followers and make everything visually appealing and monetize blah blah blahhhhhh. And I tried to make them all work. And I got really overwhelmed. And because I tend toward being a perfectionist and couldn’t find the time or energy to make it all perfect, I stopped writing. But writing is why I wanted to blog in the first place! I didn’t care about gaining a huge following or monetizing before. I started a blog simply to blog, and once I got immersed in the vast bloggerverse, I lost sight of why I started. I have about five blog posts that I haven’t finished because the thought of editing them, inserting the right pictures, and advertising my new posts on Instagram, Pinterest, etc. was just too much. Future posts might have really great pictures. Or they might not. I might advertise my posts. I might not. Either way, I’m gonna keep posting! Hold me accountable, people!