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My Harry Potter Baby (Part One)

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harry potter, newborn photography

From day one, I knew what Jack’s nursery theme would be: HARRY POTTER. I started reading the Harry Potter series at age ten, and the last book came out the summer I turned seventeen. Over those seven years, I laughed. I cried. I cried really hard. And I learned to love reading. These books played a profound role in my life during some pretty darn significant years. Also, J.K. Rowling is one of the absolute coolest people in the universe. All right, I could go on for days, but I’ll spare you the time! We had an exceptionally talented photographer, Jessica Kennedy, from Lawton, Oklahoma take these photos in our home when Jack was just a sleepy five-day-old. I was so excited that she was on board with the Potter theme! Newborn photography can be super expensive, but these were worth every penny. Below are photos of just Jack, but I’ll have a Part Two post of his nursery!

house elf, harry potter, newborn photography

Dobby the Free Elf

A friend of mine crocheted these adorable house elf ears. I wish this perfect little hat grew along with him!


quidditch, harry potter, newborn photography, hufflepuff

Hufflepuff Seeker

 I guess I’ll forgive him if he gets sorted into another house.


mandrake, harry potter, newborn photogaraphy

Sleepy Mandrake

Yeah, yeah. Mandrakes are supposed to scream and cry. This kid didn’t make a peep through his photo sesh! Also, that same friend crocheted this sweet hat.


hogwarts, harry potter, newborn photography

Ready for Hogwarts!

No such thing as having too much Harry Potter paraphernalia.  


hufflepuff, harry potter, newborn photography

That Face Though

I can’t even.