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Curing Postpartum Backache (fix me, please)

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Curing Postpartum Backache (fix me, please)

I love being Jack’s mom. He’s a pretty cool baby. Every morning, I peek over my bedside and see him smiling (like seriously glowing) from his bassinette. Literally every morning. He’s such a morning person! I roll out of bed to pick him up, and HOLY CRAP OUCH HOLY **** WHAT THE ****.

My back. I’m dying. I don’t know what happened, but around Jack’s 3-and-a-half month mark, my back decided it just wasn’t gonna put up with all this anymore. Now I have a constant backache.

What it actually feels like: a tight, dull pain around the mid/right part of my back, just under the shoulder blade. If I irritate it (typically by lifting something, like my child), the pain sharpens.

Corey tried cracking it, and I thought I had died and entered the sixth circle of hell. He tried massaging it, to no avail. I took my last Percocet from my birth recovery and decided we’d have to figure something out.

Did some research and figured this pain must be some combination of poor breastfeeding posture and picking up Jack while bending my back, rather than my knees. So, how to remedy?

1 – Fix that Posture.

Sit up straight. Bend at the knees. Try not to anger the back.

2 – Medical Attention

I made an appointment with my doctor, and this is how it went:

“Sorry, you’re just gonna have to live with it.”

Okay, so those weren’t his exact words, but in a nutshell, he said he couldn’t do anything except prescribe Motrin. Hhhhh. I’ve been diagnosed with a “muscle spasm,” which, as he explained, means that a particular muscle in my back is mad at me and decided to tighten up for an extended period of time. Seeing as I’m exclusively breastfeeding, he can’t prescribe a muscle relaxer, lest we risk having a floppy baby. Boo. I know I’m being a total whiner, but on the bright side, he said I’m probably through the worst of it. I’m not actually dying. I will most likely live to see my son’s first birthday. He said a heating pad could help relax the muscle. Also, he found the spasmed muscle on my back and massaged it, and HOLY MOLY, it felt amazing. Apparently, Corey just sucks at massaging (but we love him anyway). Finally, doc recommended using a tennis ball to massage my back against the wall, similar to this:

3 – Yoga

I’ve done yoga a handful of times, and frankly, I suck. So don’t get the impression that I’m a flexible, fit, Pinterest-perfect, yogi mom. I am not. Total props to these women! You are awesome. Maybe one day I’ll catch up to that level of cool. As for right now, I’ll settle for looking like a fool to get rid of this backache. I looked up some moves specifically for backaches and am giving ‘em a try.

4 – Chiropractor

Okay, I haven’t actually gone to a chiropractor, but I know people who swear by chiropractors. Frankly, I don’t feel like shelling out all the cash to go every week or two, but if worse comes to worse, I just might give it a try.

5 – Professional Massage

Doc said this could definitely help, and tbh I’m feeling pretty inclined to shell out the cash for one next payday.

*I ended up getting a massage, and it was amazing.

Do yall have any methods you recommend to relieve backaches? Let me know!